Activities at New England Falconry

Introductory Session

Duration 45 Minutes

Experience handling and flying of a trained Harris' Hawk while learning about the special adaptations of raptors and the need for their conservation.
$95 per participant
$30 per *non-participant (observer)

Extended Session

Duration 1.5 Hours

Free-fly hawks through fields and forest as you experience falconry and learn about the lives of raptors and their conservation.

$180 per participant
$50 per *non-participant (observer)

Hunting Session

Duration 3 Hours

A pre-hunt session of handling and flying hawks followed by a wild quarry hunt with hawks. Available during the small game season (mid-October through early January)
$400 per person

**PLEASE NOTE: There is NO
non-participant option on a hunt.

Group Session

Duration 1.5 Hours

Group sessions are available for 10-15 people. Please contact for information and pricing.

** Rates current February, 2022. Previously purchased gift certificates and prior reservations will of course be honored in full.

All activities by appointment and not necessarily private. If you require a private session, please indicate at the time of booking. An additional fee of 25% of your session will be charged. Weekend hunts are excluded from this option.

Hawking Glove Provided for participant use.
* non-participant/observer: someone who does not handle a hawk, but may otherwise fully participate in the session.